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  • Exquisite stone exterior decoration case display

    Exquisite stone exterior decoration case display Stone material plays an immeasurable role in building itself and the artifistic expression it embodies, it is not only the basic material of building entity, but also one of the important conditions to realize architectural art. As a building mater...
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  • Ariston white marble

    Ariston white marble belongs to high grand marble in the white marble, it color white as jade, fine grains, few veins, beautiful and elegant. But the material quality is soft, so it belongs to delicate stone. Because the Ariston white marble with high quality is the most white stone in all stones...
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  • Stone Carving Craft Appreciation

    Stone Carving Craft Appreciation

    Each image of different flowers, it can’t imagine this is natural stone, carving process is mainly by stone machinery, artificial and other methods combined. This stone plastic art group is unique, the designer’s bold design and exquisite technology, so the stone application of stone is all po...
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  • The classical beauty of black portoro-Wenhuadongfang HotelHongkong

    Mandarin Oriental, A real estate company in Central, once played host to Britain’s Prince Andrew. The designer George,Armani, the star Takeshi Kaneshiro and the world famous. The international famous designer Peter Remedios D.Tihany to create this fashion traveler base together. The former’s over...
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  • Stone bar

    Building a small bar in your house Building a small bar in your house, listen melodious music, taste easy life is that the most state of many city people who are pursuit the modern feeling.  No matter the house is big or small, the building of the bar always can bring a ...
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  • The characteristics of granite

    The compact structure, high compressive strength, bibulous rate is low. Low surface hardness. Good chemical stability. Strong durability. But it has poor fire resistance. The granite is fine grain, medium grain, coarse grain granular structure, or porphyritic structure, the particles are unifor...
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  • How to distinguish artificial marble and natural marble

    How to distinguish artificial marble and natural marble

    Artificial marble is made of unsaturated polyester resin as binder, with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic powder materials, as well as the right amount of flame retardant, color, etc., by mixing ingredients, porcelain casting, vibration compressio...
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  • stone design and application

          With natural beautiful include color . texture, material of stone parquet in widely used in the ground,wall, mesa and other decoration in the modern construction, plus people’s artificial conception,put together a beautiful pattern     The WYNN Las Vegas The U.S. H...
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  • Spiral staircase, production process and classic case.

    Spiral staircase, production process and classic case. Spiral staircase is most difficult process of special-shape processing. It subtle structure is highly regarded, but difficult process production let people like but worry can’t do it. So a high quanlity spiral staircase require high quanlity...
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  • Natural Limestone for Building Slab

        Advantages of limestone                  
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  • The first release of 15 exclusive stone mine resources, which has the most promising prospects

    Croatia  Marcana mine   KAMEN PAZIN D.D Italy  Aurisina mine   PIZZUL SRL MARMI AURISINA Guizhou   Castel Ash Yangyanjing Mine   Guizhou Jinwu Investment Group Co. LTD Namibia   Namibian White mine    Xiamen Jintong da Stone supply Chain Co. LTD Turkey    Blue ice...
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  • Product application appreciation——The beauty of the Travertine

    As the name implies, it is a kind of multi-hole rock, which is mainly composed of calcium carbonate.As calcium carbonate is easily dissolved and corroded by water, there are natural irregular pores on the surface of the cave stone.The color of the cave stone is mostly beige, with rich texture and...
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