Ariston white marble

Ariston white marble belongs to high grand marble in the white marble, it color white as jade, fine grains, few veins, beautiful and elegant. But the material quality is soft, so it belongs to delicate stone. Because the Ariston white marble with high quality is the most white stone in all stones.

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Only the Greek have the Ariston white marble block, and the amount of extraction is limited, so the price of Ariston white marble usually is higher, the universal thickness n the market at present 1.6cm as a example, the price has reached 2000 up and down 1 sqm after the high grade Ariston process


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Because the texture is soft an the price is higher, it is mainly sell 1.6 cm thickness, the average height is 1.6m to 1.8m, the length is about 2.8 meters, so the designer should design reasonable size when choosing material for the design. Otherwise, it will not only cause waste of resources, but also increase the processing cost. When processing, the Ariston white marble cutting to use special infrared stone cutting machine, the error in the cutting process cant exceed 0.2cm. The cutting speed should be moderate, if the speed is relatively fast in the cutting process will appear collapse,fracture, cant be put together with other easily discolored stone cutting, but cant be stored with other decolorized stone, otherwise it will cause pollution, according to the designer size after the completion of cutting to dry in time, and then use the stone special protective agent to do 6 sides of protective treatment, protective agent coating should be uniform, to brush the protection after drying, water doesnt penetrate into the inside shall be subject to. 

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The texture of the Ariston white marble is soft, if the package is not correct, it will easy to be damagesd during long distance transportation packing box must pad a certain thickness of foam.

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