Stone pull slot why so popular

Pull slot: It is a technical term of decoration, commonly known as groove,a groove in which a workpiece is machined by a pull-pin method, it can increase the space beautiful, play a certain decorative effect.

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Stone material is nowadays relatively popular adornment element. Home decoration selection of stone is very common, especially the TV background wall, the window sill and other corners,like the special space bathroom, consider that there is a lot of water left on the ground when you shower, it will be pretty smooth easy to fall.

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So most home select stone pull slot when decorating the shower room, In addition to guiding the water flow, anti-slip stone groove also has the decorative effect, improve the beauty of the space, so that the stone will not be too monotonous.

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Besides shower room of course, in stair, the place such as Roman column also can see the figure that pulls groove, so see the craft that stone material pulls groove next.

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Stone pull groove process process flow

European-style architecture has become more and more popular mainstream style, whether it is Roman column, bar, flower groove, toilet or hall square column, grooving technology can be reflected.

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The way or precision of the grooves also determines the effect and beauty of the decoration.

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