Statuari belongs to a kind of marble, produced in Italy, Statuari marble SLATE face color is white, whole body is snow-white, simple sense is pure, have crystal, snowflake, transparent characteristic. Statuari marble surface is easy to scratch, generally in the use of not easy to scratch the place, the maintenance of the main method to be careful.

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Natural marble, the variety of white, and grain distribution or gray line vertical across the board, and uneven grain distribution, excellent luminance, up to 120 degrees, Statuari  because of fine texture, high gloss in marble is a high-grade variety, mainly used in high-end places of interior decoration, such as the hotel lobby spiral staircase, interior wall decoration.Such as black gold flowers and other high-grade varieties with the production of rotary ladder, can be called a point of gold pen.


雪花白 (4)


Main features: the bottom white, gray lines, the thickness of the division, in all the stones of the best luminosity, difficult to fill glue.

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Scope of application: ground, metope, stage face plate, pillar, lavabo, etc雪花白 (8)


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