Mystic and elegant grey marble, Armani grey

Armani grey marble, we can find that in Armani’s aesthetic philosophy, the emphasis is on concise lines, perfect proportions, and finely crafted material details. These unique and understated design elements create an elegant and luxurious fashion style. And the “fashion king” Armani is also playing with colors. After seeing the colorful colors, his favorite is still gray. And the 51° gray he created is called “Armani Gray”.


White, gray and black are very popular colors, synonymous with maturity, between black and white. It is not overwhelming, good at reconciling, like a calm, humble and low-key gentleman; it is a color that is unremarkable, and then makes people fall in love unconsciously. The space decoration uses gray tones, which can render an intellectual and comfortable temperament in simplicity.


The gray slate is even more irresistible. It is not as bright as pure white slate, and it looks very comfortable. Gray slate, calm but not oppressive, with an intellectual temperament in the simplicity, can make your home have a rich artistic atmosphere, and easily deploy a stylish and elegant nest.


Armani ash reproduces the natural environment. After a long time of wind and rain, scratches are left on the stone surface. The wonderful thing about it is that traces from nature and artificial art processing inject ideas into the image, which is both simple and natural, and full of modern fashion sense.



The deep and shallow gray layers are layered, which is saturated with the designer’s love for life, as well as the exquisite time in life, creating a sense of hierarchy and agility in the space. The white marks are like diffused beams of light, dyeing the fascination with beauty, bringing out its own temperament and style in every small corner.

Post time: Jul-12-2022