How important glue is in stone processing

How important glue is in stone processing

The natural stone is from the natural, whats good and bad inside of it was made hundreds of millions of years ago. Only when the stone been mined can know inside of it good and bad.

In the case of marble, estimated more than 80% material have crack, pretty easy fracture, the surface is riddled with cracks.

The most of marble will like a pile of mud without any value if the marble material is not patched.

So the filling glue in stone processing is how important. Many stone through the repair glue to greatly enhance the value. Enter a variety of places that decorate and beautify our environment.

Improve the grade and value of stone materials.

The two pictures are valuable stones. Few people can afford it in China, it named black portoro belongs to high grad stone. 

These two black portoro marble pictures surface is pretty beautiful, but it through filling glue to achieve the perfect effect.

补胶在石材中的作用 (10)                                         补胶在石材中的作用 (5)


The appearance of the black portoro marble is like the picture, the surface cracks are widespread and the block is extremely small.

Some filling glue technology good stone processing factory, they can assemble small blocks of pictures into large slab.

补胶在石材中的作用 (2)                                         c48ae234e482b41251289bdca12f3fc

There are also many cracks on the large plate before the repair of glue. The cracks can be repaired by the repair of glue, and the jade quality sense on the stone surface can be improved by the glue, so that the luminosity on the surface of the large plate can be greatly improved, and the texture effect of jade is more. It can be seen from Figure 5 and 6 that there are many surface cracks.

补胶在石材中的作用 (7)                                       0ed01b481d6f214b353af9b73b2c04f

The cracks on the surface are almost invisible after the patch.


 补胶在石材中的作用 (6)


repair stone cracks, reduce stone fracture -

Natural marble is basically cracked, like the golden spider, old beige, sha ana beige, clouds pull gray stone if not these stone glue, these stone can not be processed.

For the high grey stone, the surface of the cowhine adhesive paper is cracked. The stone in figure 8 has patched the glue, but it will still break in the processing, so the stone in the glue often two times to make the stone in the crack of the bonding strength is higher, will not break, this example shows how important it is to repair the crack of the stone.

补胶在石材中的作用 (3)

All kinds of cracks can be clearly seen on the surface of the block, and these cracks are crisscrossed. If these cracks are not patched, the stone is no longer beautiful and has no use value. By repairing the glue, let the glue penetrate into the crack, glue the stone together, improve the strength of the stone, repair the surface crack, make the strength of the stone greatly increased, in the process of processing, construction, use will not break.


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