big size porcelain slab, sintered stone slab

Big size porcelain slab available in various sizes, like 3200*1600*12mm, 3200*1600*9mm, 2700*1600*12mm, 2400*1200*9mm, etc.

The big size porcelain slabs are widely using for countertop, vanitytop, flooring, wall, etc.

The Big procelain slab also well know as sintered stone slabs.

is one of the new hot topics in the interior design world. This is because they are the best of both worlds – natural and engineered.

Sintered stone uses natural materials that make for beautiful surfaces, and it uses an engineered process that adds speed and flexibility. The speed helps save money, and the flexibility allows the choice of color, texture and size.


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Post time: Jun-01-2022