Stone besides the natural artistic visual effect that can bring a person extraordinary through natural texture, still can pass various surface processing means, create a kaleidoscopic visual experience, such rich change is also one of the charm of stone.

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (3)       具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (17)

Through doing “surface article” stone not only can more fully show their own charm, but also can have the opportunity to improve their own visual defects, enhance the value in the eyes of consumers   

.具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (4)     

Stone material surface processing is a kind of expression form that undertakes reprocessing on stone material, its physical performance is same as stone material, decorate the effect to compare stone material more one-notch. In addition to some common surface treatment methods, derived a lot of artistic quality of the surface treatment. Let a person cannot help to touch, feel, this is the glamour of stone material texture. Take a look.

1. The water ripple

The water ripple that is very popular recently can also present on stone material, clever modelling lets marble become more rich artistic feeling. Water symbolizes wealth in feng shui, so water corrugated texture is the most widely used shape.

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (6)   具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (20)

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (22)    具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (2)

2. Agate surface 

Agate grain texture changes greatly, more luxurious sense, in the different stone itself color collocation to present a more eye-catching effect, agate grain and Chinese style or light luxury style more match.

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (5)    具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (8)

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (7)

3. Bamboo surface

Bamboo joint surface more tension, overwhelming, strong sense of the whole shape, suitable for the background wall and other decorative position.

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (13)   具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (1)

4. The geometry line

The expression of geometric lines is more diverse, or soft, or cold, can be presented on the stone through lines. The shape is more simple than other textures, and both minimalist and modern styles are very suitable

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (19)    具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (13) 具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (8)

5. Crocodile skin carving

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (21)

6. Water engraving

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (12)


Case to appreciate

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (10)     具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (16)

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (14)     具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (11)

具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (18)  具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (14) 具有艺术性的石材表面,魅力难挡 (3)




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